The Dogs are Hunters

or so they think.  In reality they are wimps.  What can I say.

Yesterday while looking outside, I noticed the dogs were after something.  They would stick their noses in the ground and jump back, then repeat, like that would give them the courage to go after whatever it was. 

I saw something  jump from the ground, so I thought it was a toad.  Toads are scary things.  I call the dogs in, because I don’t want them to eat it and then foam at the mouth.  Dogs foaming at the mouth, inside my home, is a scary thing.

I went out to investigate what all the excitement was really about.  I found this…

Garter Snake

It’s a Garter Snake. Not very long.  I couldn’t figure out why it was not running  slithering away.  I got a closer look.

Garter 1

Oh!  I see why it wasn’t slithering away.  Can you see why?  Here let me give you a close-up photo.

Garter 2

Now can you tell or do you need me to point to the toad’s legs hanging out of the mouth.  M-m-m, nothing like an afternoon snack!

As soon as the snake had its snack, it went on its merry way.

9 responses to “The Dogs are Hunters

  1. Oh my gosh…what cool photos! I can’t believe that is a garter snake. It looks like it is a few inches around! What kind of garter snakes do you have in FL??? And that picture with the frog legs is incredible. What a cool thing to see.

  2. I am in awe of the fact that you calmly take photos of snakes. I would FREAK OUT. Not just freak out…FREAK OUT!!!!

    Kudos to you though for the very cool photos.

  3. That is the coolest picture!

  4. And a dog eating a snake eating a toad would have been such an interesting picture! 😀

  5. We never see anything that cool in our yard!

  6. Aww, poor little toad:( I think this should be called snakes are hunters LOL

  7. Thanks for sharing that great photo! My boys, 16 & 13, enjoyed it very much…and then shivered and went oooooo, yuck!;0)

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