Smile, God Loves You!

During Mid-Week, that’s our Wednesday night activities, dd#2 watched a movie during her Destiny Girls class.  The girls, were to wear their favorite jammies and bring their favorite stuffed toy.  My dd#2 graceously offered to bring snacks, then told me about it.  lol

I decided to make something special.   What could be more fun for a bunch of giggly girls than chocolate smilie faces.

chocolate faces

A total of 52 faces were made from the recipe.  

chocolate faces 1

The recipe says it will make 64, so I must have made the wrong size.  The size I got were perfect, I thought.  The only thing I changed about this recipe was the type of flour used.  I used mostly white whole wheat, with some all-purpose unbleached flour thrown in.    The girls told me they were wonderful.

If you want to make these cuties, you can find the recipe at The Fresh Loaf.



3 responses to “Smile, God Loves You!

  1. So cute. I bet they were a hit!

  2. Cute…I’ll trade you some apple strudel for some smiley face loaves! They look yummy.

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