A cork and an Onion

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For Module 6 our assignment was to look at a cork under the microscope.  I have never thought of doing this before. 

I had Sir Husband slice a few specimens from a wine cork.  I knew he would be able to slice it thin enough for our experiment.  I also brought in a cork for the students to slice.  They need that experiment.  Yes, someone poked themselves with the scalpel, but I let them know ahead of time that I am not responsible for their mistakes.  😀 All was well.

So, here is a photo of the cork at 40X.  We could not see the organelles.  The thick cell walls are very visible as well as the shape of the individual plant cells.

cork 40X

And at 10X

cork 10X

Next was the onion skin.  The cells of the onion skin are really amazing to see.  You’ll notice the same cell shape as the cork, but the nucleus is visible.  Notice the nucleus is not in the same place in every cell.

onion skin 40X

Next Tuesday the students will be bringing in their edible cells.  I am really looking forward to seeing their creativity.

6 responses to “A cork and an Onion

  1. Was the guy with the bag over his head the one that got poked? Maybe he could see. LOL
    The pictures of the cells are awesome!

    • No, he wasn’t the one that got poked. It was funny. I had my back turned to the students, I called his name, turned around and saw that. LOL I have no idea why he had that on his head. It is the cover to one of my microscopes. Later he wore it as a hat and was able to see his experiment.

  2. I remember doing the onion cells under the microscope in 5th or 6th grade for science – that was fun….except for the fumes, I cried ={

    • LOL I used Vadella (sp?) onions and that helped. I did smell them through the zip-lock. After class, I kept smelling onions throughout the day. ewww…. It was worth seeing the cells. I hadn’t seen them before.

  3. we are doin this project now and id is very interesting but i dnt understand why the union cell has a nucleus and the cork cell doesnt

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