Library Bucket

What’s in our Library Bucket this week…

Our Library list for this week…

  • Addition, by Stienecker, David
  • Division, by Stienecker, David
  • Fracation, by Stienecker, David
  • Young Naturalist’s guide to Florida, by Lantz, Peggy S.
  • The Clue to the Old Album, by Keene, Carolyn
  • Elizabeth I, red rose of the House of Tudor, by Lasky, Katheryn
  • The Last Treasure, by Anderson, Janet
  • Le morte d’Arthur, by Malory, Thomas, Sir.   We have three of these in different translations. 
  • The Illiad, by Homer
  • Les miserables, by Hugo, Victor
  • The Sword of Truth, by Morris, Gilbert

What’s in your bucket?


    5 responses to “Library Bucket

    1. Nothing. I need to get to the library :).

    2. In the Bucket/the bathrroom/the bedroom/the desk/the car/the couch…

      the Inkheart series
      the Guardians of Ga’hoole series
      The Stones Cry Out
      The Door in the Wall

    3. Mostly Math and Art books and a few cookbooks:)

    4. I just posted my list. How is your boy liking Les Miserables? It was one of my favorites when I was a teenager, but I haven’t read it in years.

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