Star Wars

My Violinist is in the middle.  These three girls are homeschooled and their violin instructor is on the left.  This was a concert at a local nursing home.  They always enjoy having these girls play, because they actually can play.  lol 


9 responses to “Star Wars

  1. That was nice of them to come and play for you in the home. May the force be with them.

  2. That is great! How kind of them to share their gift at the nursing home. You must be so proud of her.

  3. Star Wars at the nursing home. Awesome!

  4. They played beautifully!!! Very cool to play Star Wars.

  5. Very cool! My daughter recently started piano and wants to learn violin. She came running to see what I was listening to and exclaimed “that’s totally awesome! mommy!”

  6. You’ll are wonderful! I am learning the violin myself and I know how hard it is to avvoid schreaching. I’m not much older than these young girls, I also homeschool, and I sing with a few friends of mine at a Nursing Home each month! All three of us are learning the violin accutally. This reminded me of us so much!

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