F.F.F. Fall Festival Fun!

Every year our church hosts a Fall Festival.  Normally, we don’t attend, but we did this year because it was during the day.  During the highest part of the day.  During the day when the sun is straight up in the sky.  During 88 degree weather.  You get the picture.

We had a job for one hour.   Our job was the Ring Toss. 


The kids had to toss hula-hoops over orange cones. Every time they played the game, even if they didn’t score the kids got candy. Most of it was chocolate. You know what happens to chocolate in 88 degree weather, right?

I decided to help the kids out a little here. I told them they get two pieces of candy, if they could toss a hoop over the big silly cone, wearing the hat. It was a huge success. Word got around, and kids came from all over to toss the ring on the silly cone.

I’m good at making up extra rules like that.



Below is Betty Beehive. She is one of our Children’s church characters. Every week she has to have her hair blown-out. She is all about beauty.


There was a sticky wall.


Sack races.


Dessert and chili contests.


Hay rides, train rides, food, and a whole lot more fun things going on. Oh, they even had a greased pig chase.

It was a fun day, but I don’t think I like having it during the hot, hot part of the day.


3 responses to “F.F.F. Fall Festival Fun!

  1. That looks like a lot of fun. It looks like a huge church. I’m glad that you went out in the hottest part of the day and participated. What a good sport :).

  2. I would play that game even if you weren’t handing out chocolate.

  3. hmm, grease, plus pig, plus camp fire, plus butcher equals some goooooooooooood bacon!!!!!! lol XD

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