Autumn in Florida

In Florida we don’t get the color change, like the lucky people who live up north. So…we have to make our own.

To get accurate shapes of leaves, I printed clipart from Clipart ETC . This is one of my favorite places to get coloring pages. I printed what I wanted on watercolor paper, then gave each girl three fall colors, yellow, red, and green,

I scanned these pictures, so I don’t why you only see part of this one. These are my youngest paintings. I think she did a nice job.

Fall leaves

Below is my oldest Pea’s painting. She also did a fine job. My favorite leaf is the Maple.

Fall leaves

They liked this assignment so much, they decided to trace one of the leaves and paint it as well. This was done on regular printer paper. Very vivid.   I am impressed they stayed in the lines so well.  🙂

Fall leaf

All will be cut out and hung from somewhere in the kitchen. Probably in the only place where Sir Husband will run into them, at least 256 times a day.

10 responses to “Autumn in Florida

  1. Unfortunately for the lucky people up north, the changing leaves also means the changing seasons…AKA, winter! So enjoy your green leaves and send some warmth down here come January/February! Lovely leaves. I wish I had little girlies to paint with. Would they like to come and visit Aunt Kristy up north??

    • They would love to, as long as there is snow. lol They have been begging to see snow. It still amazes me, that there are people out there who have never seen snow and my kids are some of them. lol

  2. Those are cute! I would never have thought to print images on watercolor paper. You are super crafty and I hope to be like you (only not quite so normal) someday.

  3. They did a nice job.

  4. Beautiful fun! Take a winter vacation and let those children experience snow!

    I want to experience a 70* winter!

  5. I love their paintings!!
    I bet Sir Father will love seeing them 265 times a day because of the love that has been expressed for his viewing pleasure!!

  6. Did they cut them up and hang them around the kitchen yet?

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