Thanksgiving Place Cards

Every so often, I have the kids make the Thanksgiving Place Cards.  We usually make them with white cardstock and construction paper.  This year is different. 

First we gather 14 small clay pots.   The instructions say to use 3″ pots, but I never read instructions; therefore, I brought home 1.5″ pots.

The girls painted each pot black.

Then they picked a fall color and painted the band of the hat.

After the paints were dry, I wrote the names of all the guests on the brim, using a permanent marker.  Once that was done the girls glued on a yellow buckle, and a black foam circle for the brim.

I think they turned out rather cute.  We will be keeping these for our next years Thanksgiving decorations.

You can find the instructions for these at Better Homes and Garden.


6 responses to “Thanksgiving Place Cards

  1. Very cute! So are you having 14 people for Thanksgiving? I ended up with 11…it went from just my family, to a single friend joining us, to another family of 4, to a friend of our friend coming to. Terrific…I love a full house!

    • We are going to my in-laws for dinner, like we do every year. This year my two BIL and their families will not be there. So… it will be my four kids and ten old people. Matthew has already started begging not to go. This happens every other year and we have decided not to do this again. We’ll go camping or something for Thanksgiving with just us. 🙂

  2. How cute!! Hope you have a happy thanksgiving anyway 🙂

  3. Those are adorable decoration!

  4. The girls did a nice job. =)

  5. Those are cute!

    I missed my old people this year. 😦

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