Name Tag Gifts.

My sister writes to me and tells me, she is going to start a small business.  She’ll be making quilted items, little bags, luggage tags, and other cute things.  I said, “Luggage Tags?”, can you make cute ones for backpacks?”  Which really is a dumb question because my sister is an excellent sewer person.  Is “sewer” a word?  Well, it is now.  Want to know how good she is?  Take a look at this beauty that is on my bed.

Back to the luggage tags.  The sis wants to know what I want.  I tell her, The Violinist likes blues, Pea #1 likes purples and bling, Pea #2 likes reds with lots of bling, and I like bugs.  This is what she came up with.

Aren’t those the cutest tags?  She really did a great job with them.  I wanted to link to her new Etsy shop, but apparently she hasn’t gotten it up and running yet.  Some kind of problem with the name.  As soon as I get it, I’ll be blogging about it with a give away.

After these hot little items were in the mail to me and I emailed my good friend Kristy and begged asked her to make name tags with her stampin’ stuff she does.  After several minutes of begging and crying, she agreed.  She’s really good at what she does too.  Want to see how good?  Go here and look at these beauties.

I was kind enough to give her specifics.  Measurements √, colors √, names √, animals: frogs with skinney legs, manatees, bugs, puppies all √.  Yep, covered everything.

I get an unbelievable email from Kristy.  No manatees and no skinny legged frogs.  WHAT!?  She lives up north and does not have any stamps with manatees or skinny legged frogs.  Something is wrong with that woman.  Thankfully, she had bugs.

She slaved over the cards one Sunday afternoon, while I took a 4.5 hour nap.   It was so refreshing to wake up knowing Kristy slaved for me.   She put them in the mail and then blogged about them.  I couldn’t wait to see them, so I took a peek.  I put them in the luggage backpack tags as soon as I got them.  They are so stinking cute!!  Take a look.

Can you see the extra bling my sister put on the outside of the tag and the extra bling Kristy put on the name tag?  That’s my Rebekah.  I thought the names were stamped, but they are cut out individual letters.  Very cute.

I love the puppies peeking out.  lol

Thank you Dava (my sis) and Kristy (my friend) for making these things for me.  I really appreciate it!

Now I have to make sure I don’t open this blog, while the girls are in the same room. 😀

3 responses to “Name Tag Gifts.

  1. Yay! A post about me. Well, mainly me. Okay, some of me. I love it!
    They look really good although I shouldn’t have listened to you about not making them match…it bugs me that they don’t match. I may have to do them over for you.
    Your sister and I make a good team. We must be related :).

  2. You are sooooo spoiled, Applie!!

    Great job Dava and Kristy.

  3. Very nice tag team! 😀

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