A Red Project Bag

I mentioned this bag in the post It’s Not Just a Color, but I wanted to show you just how it works.

My good internet friend Peggy at colour du jour does a lot of sewing for other people.  I mean a lot!  So, for her to take time out of her busy schedule to make something for me, is really special.


I love this bag. To look at it, you’d think there was something wrong with it. Did she really intend for both handles to be different sizes? Yes, she did.


Look at that color. Isn’t it fabulous! Red on red, can’t beat that. And the inside! WooHoo, it is a beautiful shade of red, with red flowers, AND darker red fabric for pockets! There are pockets all around for all your crocheting accessories.


This bag is not very big and it is not very small, just right for one project. I have placed blue yarn and some accessories inside, so you can see how it all fits. That little wooden box is probably 23 years old. It has two magnetic sides and holds all my needles, stitch markers, and small scissors. I mentioned that just in case you wanted to know.


Remember the different lengths of the handles? The reason for that is in how it is held on your arm. All you do is slip the long handle through the short handle and carry the, now closed, bag by the long handle. Fabulous!


Once you have all your goodies in the bag for one project, you are ready to go. Just carry it anywhere and work on the project while you stand in line. It could be at the grocery store, at the park while you watch your kids, or standing in line waiting to use the bathroom at a football game. This bag can go anywhere and since it is red, it goes with almost everything.


Just so you know, in the above photo, I am making a scarf for myself. The yarn is 220 Cascade Superwash, in a deep red. You didn’t think I’d have something pink in that bag, did you?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Peggy. I just love it.

6 responses to “A Red Project Bag

  1. That is one cool bag! You are just way too spoiled by your friends.

  2. ROTFLOLsoooo glad you like it! Sure glad its the right colour and I hope it works well as a project bag. Thanks for showing pictures of the inside….I forgot about the pockets. and the pink? its for your inner child.

    for all your readers who sew, or not, the bag is a free pattern over at All People Quilt.

  3. Very cool gift! Now you can crochet anywhere =)

  4. That is a cool bag for carrying a small project wherever you go. Thanks for showing all its features especially the reasoning behind the different sized handles…I was wondering.

    The only way this bag could have been better is if it had been made in shades of blue instead of pink and red. =D

  5. It’s lovely! =)

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