Wondering about the disposal of Gingerbread house?

Yeah, me too.

Me:  “What are we going to do with the house?”

Sir Husband: “I don’t know.”

Me:  “Are we going to get rid of it today?”

Sir Husband: “No.”

And we wait….

At least the Christmas tree is gone. 😀


11 responses to “Wondering about the disposal of Gingerbread house?

  1. We threw ours out today. And our tree too. Our 7 year old informed me thatt it wasn’t Christmas anymore, just winter. What a Scrooge!

  2. I was thinking about that today and wondering what you had planned. Come up with something good, okay!?

  3. but..but..but..we are waiting!

  4. Put it on Sir Husband’s night stand. He will either love it and forever be grateful to you or he will toss it. Either way you gracefully win LOL

  5. So hard to make so hard to throw away : ) I hope the coming year is all you want it to be for you and your family!

  6. I am wondering how the bro will introduce the gingerbread house to its doom.

  7. Interesting….you haven’t blown up your gingerbread house and we didn’t blow up Christmas trees…..something went wrong with New Year’s Eve/Day.

  8. We destroyed ours. 😀

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