My Sister and A Give Away

There have been times when I have wanted to give my two sisters away.   I would take them for long walks in the woods behind our home, but they would always find their way back.  Once the family was at some picnic in town.  Lots of people. Lots of commotions.  After a long hot day of playing we (two parents and five siblings) hopped in our station wagon.  In a few minutes after we got on the road our dad asked if we wanted ice cream.  Well duh!  He proceeds to ask each of us what we want.  We tell him.  And then he says, “Dava?”  “Dava?”  “Where the hell is DAVA!”  She is the youngest, so none of us noticed her missing.  He turns around to go back to town to find her.   She wasn’t there.  The Fire Chief drove her to our neighbor’s house, safe and sound.  We found her at their kitchen table eating ice cream.  Did we get any ice cream?  NO!

My two sisters and I are very close in age.  We are exactly 12 months apart and for six days out of the year my second sister and I are the same age.  It’s been pretty cool to have close sisters. 🙂

Well, this post is about Dava, my youngest sister.  She has now entered into the 21 century and has in one week, joined Twitter, Esty, and opened a blog.  I told her I would write a post about her, when she actually writes something noteworthy.  She said, “The fact that I actually opened a blog is noteworthy.” So, here I am writing about my noteworthy sister.

Dava has always sent neat gifts to my kids and me.  I never open the box in front of the kids, because I know there is candy in there and if any of that candy disappears somewhere around the vicinity of my mouth, no one knows about it. 🙂  Last year she sent me pig poop. This year she sent the kids Lightning Bug Candy.  Yeah, they glow.

They were gone in a matter of minutes after the kids discovered them in their stocking.  The sugared pecans never made it to my stocking.  Hardly any made it to Sir Husband’s mouth. We won’t speak about that.

Now to the give away.  You waited long enough, right?  My little sister has started her own business on Etsy.  She makes fabulous quilts and other such sewing items.  I mentioned here before the name tags she made for me and the girls.  Since Dava sent an extra, just in case, (for what I don’t know), I am giving one of these away.  It is really cute and bright.  It has a yellow background with a red front.  Here take a look.  The cute girl holding the name tag is not part of the prize.

You want this.  I just know you do. To have your name put in the bucket you have to do three things.

  1. Go to Dava’s blog and say hello.  Cypress Hollow Gifts
  2. Go to Dava’s Etsy shop and have a look around.  Buy something if you want, she won’t mind. Cypress Hollow Gifts Etsy
  3. Come back here and leave a comment that you did these things and what item in the Etsy shop do you like the best.

Simple.  Now go do that.  Drawing will be held Tuesday evening, January 12th.  🙂  If you do not want the name tag, do the three steps anyway. 😀

12 responses to “My Sister and A Give Away

  1. Thanks for writing about your sister…..I really enjoyed visiting her shop. I love the yellow bag with butterflies and dragonflies on it….so bright and cheerful.

  2. This is a true story! They left me behind. What made it worse, I recall my mother sent me to the back of the building looking for my brother and then they all took off! I bet they hit the road running as soon as I went behind the building. I’m still damaged by this incident.

  3. I went and said hello at your sister’s blog. I also checked out her Etsy shop. I love her bright quilt. The canning jar lid thingies are cute also.

    And although I did what you told me because I’m obedient that way, I do not need the luggage tag as I already have a cute one that your sister made. Somebody else should win the other one.

  4. As ordered by me elder, yep Applie is older than me!!, I went to the Sister’s blog and read her entries as well as the comments left there. For some reason I though that Applie was the middle sister but it was sounding like she is the oldest sister!! (I could be wrong about this though).

    I did leave 2 comments.

    Then I went ahead and checked out the Etsy store and I must say that the tote bags were what got my attention first, middle and last.

    I would love to win the luggage tag.

  5. I posted at Dava’s blog and visited the Etsy shop where I found something I must HAVE. The Primitive Country, Grunge Table Runner with Embroidered Willow Trees. Beautiful!

  6. ok Applie, I did all the things you said, now pick me. ;o)
    ps I liked the totes–the pink JD

  7. I did those things, and I liked the trees on the table runner best. And just so you know, I think I should win this giveaway because I’m moving to Hawaii and my suitcase is basic, boring black, and it will take me forever to find it at baggage claim unless I have that name tag.

    • That’s a good one Melanie, but it doesn’t get your name in there twice. LOL Sir Husband had that problem too. Now he has a felted flower hanging from his bag. LOL Joanna gave it to him, so he had to put it on there.

  8. I posted at your sister’s blog and told her that you were normal. =)
    Poor bro, not getting much candy. The lightening bug gummi candy is a hoot!

    • Thank you for telling my sister that I am normal. She needed to hear that, because I think she forgot. The bro doesn’t need much candy. He knows it is better for him if I get most of the candy. lol Isn’t that lightening bug candy a hoot! I’m wondering where they come up with these ideas. Do they have candy “Think Tanks” or something? LOL

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