Artlette Shawl – Tunisian Crochet

Remember at the beginning of 2009 I went to my first Tunisian Crochet Class at my BFF Yarn Shop, The Local Needle?

That is where I learned to crochet with a huge hook and sock yarn.   Yes I know, I wasn’t thinking.

Artlette Shawl is the pattern we used.

I used Pagewood Farm Chugiak hand Dyed Sock Yarn.  In Florida you don’t need much to keep you warm, unless you are going through a long freeze spill and then you wish you had used something other than sock yarn.

I got really frustrated with the project and put it down for a good long while.  It was difficult for me to see the stitches  since they were large from the huge hook.  Making it from dark yarn, didn’t help matters either.

Months later, I picked it back up.  I did a few more rows, did an edge of single crochet and then called it done.  Good thing too.  The pattern calls for an edging at both ends.  I didn’t do that.

Here it is before blocking.  The left side is the front and the right side is the back.  Looks like a rat’s nest, doesn’t it?

I decided to just go ahead and block it.  I hate blocking.  It takes forever to size and pin it.  Pay no attention to the curvy lines.  😉

It is as long as my kitchen counter!  I left it to dry for almost three days.  While it was drying I would check it out.  I noticed several mistakes. I don’t think anyone would  notice them, but I did.  Look at the photo below.  See how the vertical line stitches line up at the top and then on the way down they no longer line up?   That’s a mistake.  Now you know.

Here is the shawl in its final glory.  I do think it turned out rather pretty.  I love the color and I love the open-work.  I have two problems other than one more mistake I want to show you.    It is too stinking long and I have nothing to wear it with.

Now for the final mistake.  I have to let the world know of my crocheting mistakes.  It’s in my blood.  Remember the Beer Fish.  Yeah, beer of yarn is a huge mistake, but I told you anyway.   The mistake on this one is the huge hole  on the right side. It is level with the street.  Can you see it?  Thankfully for some reason or another it is just a hole.  It will not unravel.  😀

I am thinking of frogging it in the future.  It  is sitting on my dresser collecting dust.   What would you do with this extra long shawl?

12 responses to “Artlette Shawl – Tunisian Crochet

  1. turn it into socks? Or knit a shawl with it. I’ve got a really cute simple knit every row shawl OTN right now and it is very cute. Otherwise, Halia with the regular crochet hook would look great with sock yarn, IMO!

  2. too bad about the mistake(s), too bad you are the only one that will notice it. about wearing it:
    — maybe its time to go shopping?
    –wear it with red?
    you’ll think of something.

    I like it. but why didn’t you make it in red??

  3. That’s just a beautiful thing. I like the open work, too. You’re very talented, Michelle. I guess whether it was too long or not, I’d use it as a shawl. It would look so nice over a white outfit this spring and summer …right now, wouldn’t it look good over a RED outfit??? Oh yes, red.

  4. If you love the yarn, reclaim it. Otherwise, consider it a give away? Find a person or charity that will give it a good home and put it to good use?

    Lovely job by the way. Not only did you take on learning Tunisian, you took on a challenging project. Applie is fearless! =-)

  5. I think it’s beautiful…a pretty color and a lovely pattern. I don’t see any mistakes at all. Of course, I’m still asleep. LOL!

  6. I’d probably wear it like a long scarf. There are several ways to wear a long scarf.

  7. I’m with Donna – I’d wear it as a scarf. Or I’d go granny and lay it across the top of my dresser.

  8. Hey, now go mark it off your 101 List! You’ve accomplished your last goal.

  9. I picture your beautiful shawl worn to a wedding this summer with a dress of the same color, yet lighter shade. Beautiful!
    You should be proud of your accomplishment!
    (and…as you can tell, I found your blog)

    The Local Needle

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