Flatoples ?? – Module 8

Apologia Biology – Module 8 is now over.  This was a fun module, but a tough one too.  Due  to the long Christmas break, our class met only one day before their exam.

I spent most of the 1.5 hours of class time lecturing.  The Punnett square was explained and several examples were done on the board.  If you look in the book extras, in the link given in the book, you’ll find extra websites that give Punnett squares problems, plus loads of other great information about genetics.  I highly recommend using this resource.

After lecturing, I wanted the kids to do something fun.  My project was going to have the students make Spudoodles.  Since I did not have Spudoodle parts, I had the students make Flatoples.

What are Flatoples?  Good question!  Flatoples are what you get when you don’t have a Spudoodle body parts.  That’s clear as mud!

Using wipe-off markers in various colors,  I drew the brown body part on the board for the “baby”.  Then each student was to pick a random trait from a bowl and draw what it was on the Flatople.

All went well, until they each had a trait they didn’t like and wanted to change it.  Nope, no can do.  You can not pick what you like and don’t like.   What traits do you have that your parents would have traded for a better one? Hmmm…

I had the kids pair up to make these Flatoples.  Yes, I messed up the instructions, but it was still fun.  These two  students were really funny together.  I had to tell them several times that mothers do not like to have their babies called ugly.  They also argued about what nose they wanted.  One wanted the dominant pointed nose, the other wanted a recessive cute button nose.  I wish I had that argument on video.

The students above were not saying their Flatople was ugly.  They were calling the one below ugly.

This Flatople had some serious recessive hair color trait going on.  The hair is Orange and Blue, Gator colors. 🙂

This next one was done by one person, because we only had five students that day.  She got the dominant big mouth gene.  I’m thinking big lips.  No, she is thinking BIG SCREAMING MOUTH.   I can’t blame this young lady for thinking the mouth should be screaming.  She is the oldest of six girls!  SIX GIRLS!    Somewhere along the line the 50% chance of male and 50% of females, didn’t quite work in their family.    The 100% beautiful gene did work in their family. 🙂

What are Flatoples?  The words flat and people put together.  I made this up because I was not prepared for the class.  Procrastination, is that a trait?  Is it recessive or dominant?


11 responses to “Flatoples ?? – Module 8

  1. I’m very disappointed that you did not have Spudoodle body parts…how hard is it to find push pins and paper clips and coins and toothpicks? I think you were just lazy. Bad girl. Now go sit in the corner and think about what you did.

    • I didn’t have those things because I was too lazy to go out and look for them early on. I went the day before and had only one time to go to a store. I went to Office Depot. They were out of push pins! I also didn’t have marshmallows for eyes. No wait, we did have marshmallows but we ate them. I’ll go sit in the corner now. *sniff*

  2. I really like the variation you did with the spudoodle activity. You had some really creative Flatoples, well done guys. Oh, and thanks for the link back to our blog.

    Joe McClung
    Fayetteville, AR

  3. In my family I think it is recessive (from my parents) but in my little family it is dominant because the 4 of are procrastinators of the worst kind!!

    Can you come out of the corner to play now?

  4. Hmmmm, I always thought procrastination was just a character flaw. I hope I’m wrong – I’d love to be able to blame my parents for one more thing. LOL

    Your students look like they’re having a good time. 🙂

  5. Applie, they work construction year round if there is jobs to do. This job is behind schedule as the pre-fab walls didnt get here til last week.
    They can lay cement in these here parts til its waaay tooo cold with all the different skin eating chemicals they put in the mix now. 😦

  6. I love the Flatoples Michelle!! =) Good going !!!

    The boys look cute doing their manly-stance with their Flatople.

  7. We’re going to try the Spudoodles this week….I think….if I get to the store tomorrow!! If not, I like your Flatoples just as well! 🙂

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