The Three Wise Men

Last night while watching T.V. I made these guys.  They are The Three Wise Men.  Now you know what they look like.  🙂

Since I seriously need to do some stash busting, I used whatever yarn I had hanging around.   I think they turned out rather cute.

The pattern is Sparkly Santa by Lisa Gentry.  I don’t see the pattern on her website, but I did get it off of Ravelry.


The original pattern is for a Santa. We don’t use Santa in this household, so I copied a lady on Ravelry and made the Wise Men. I made the beards and hats up as I went along.

All three were made in one hour. Quick and easy and cute. 😀

5 responses to “The Three Wise Men

  1. Wait…you watch tv? I didn’t expect that of you. I thought all homeschooling moms spent their evenings with their family playing games or doing read-alouds together. Your wise men are cute. What are you going to do with them?

    • I get to watch TV when the rest of the family is in bed. I send them to bed before 9:00pm so I can watch my CSI shows. 😀 The Wise Men are ornaments and will go on my next Christmas tree. 🙂

  2. They are adorable!

    I crocheted a square while watching a movie on my ‘puter….after sending the boys to bed, of course. teehee One whole square, wow, i am not good w/this tv and crochet thing. I would watch the Monday CSI, if I could ever remember that it was on.

  3. We’re a CSI household up here as well, though we don’t generally watch on Thurs. nights – it’s gotten too dark for my tastes so if I’m watching TV that night I like to watch just ION TV because they have reruns of NCIS on!!!

    Last night while watching NCIS I worked on a scarf that I’m making myself from my stash. I’ve also been working on the second on the 12″ squares for the Ravelry BAMCAL.

    • I don’t like the Thurs CSI either, for the same reason. I like NCIS, but I don’t get to see it too often. Did you put your scarf on Ravelry? I’ll have to see what you are doing. I just make two criminal caps and trying to decide on something else. I’d like to make a cardi, but I don’t have enough yarn to do any of them.

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