And The Winner Is…

MELANIE!! YAY, your luggage may or may not get lost on its way to Hawaii.  Email me your address and I’ll think about sending the prize to you.  If you need a name card to go in your luggage tag, then bother Kristy about it.

If you are extremely sad you missed this wonderful prize, you may visit Cypress Hollow Gifts and purchase one or five for yourself.

*Disclaimer:  The product descriptions, if any, provided on APPLIE web site are not intended to constitute offers to sell or solicitations in connection with any products or services. Some products may not be available to persons APPLIE does not like.  All winners of APPLIE  products are drawn by children under the age of 18; therefore, APPLIE and all associates of APPLIE are not liable for any damage caused by rumors of cheating.

APPLIE is a trademark of APPLIE web site,  whether registered or not, APPLIE is the property of  APPLIE and their respective owners, APPLIE and APPLIE.

6 responses to “And The Winner Is…

  1. LOLing at your disclaimer….that is too funny! Melanie could try bribing me with more books for a name card. I may be talked into making one for her :).

  2. Yay! Melanie! And a perfectly fitting tag for one going to Hawaii.

    APPLIE….I think you are my only friend that comes with a disclaimer….LOL!

  3. Wow! I won! I’ve never won a blog giveaway before!


    Thank you, Applie! And thank you, Kristy, for that fabulous name tag I know you are going to make to go with my beautiful name tag. I like food and yarn. 😀

    P.S. Applie, you spelled my name wrong, but I don’t mind because you are thinking about sending me a name tag.

  4. That disclaimer is great!!!!

    Congrats, Melanie

  5. 😀
    You are too funny, Applie!!

    Congratulations, Melanie, on winning the luggage tag.

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