Apologia Biology Updates

Since there hasn’t been anything exciting to blog about in Apologia Biology lately, I have only made a few updates on the Biology Page.  There is one new photo for Module 7 and several links for Modules 8 and 9.

So, if you are looking for new blog posts for biology, you won’t find them.  If you want updates, just click on the Apologia Biology button at the top or click here.

More exciting science blog posts, with photos, will be coming up in about two weeks.   In the meantime, do you have any questions?  Ask them in the comments in this post and I’ll try to answer. 😀

Now go have some fun with science.

2 responses to “Apologia Biology Updates

  1. I have nothing to say about Apologia Biology since we won’t be doing that until next year. I am trying to decide if I want to pay the almost $400 for the year to have him do it at coop or if we will attempt it at home. I’m inclined to just do it at home except for the dissecting. He really wants to do the dissecting. Maybe we can visit Melanie in Hawaii and she can help me.

    And du-ohh, I just realized that you have a whole section on Physical Science, which we are doing this year. I should have been stealing all sorts of good ideas from you. I will have to start consulting your section oh Physical Science.

    • He needs to do the dissecting. So either fork out the $400 or do them at home. 😀 Glad I could help you there. lol Yes, the Physical Science has been up there for two years. Have fun!

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