Math Facts, oh how I hate them.

Back in June of 2008 my friend, Melanie, posted a review on Math-It.   Math-It is an expensive program that teaches kids their math facts.  I hate math facts.  I hate teaching my kids math facts.  They just don’t get it!  So, I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased the Math-It.

I got it used at a really good price, around $40.00.   The full price of $75.00 to $80.00 is ridiculous and nothing in that box is worth that much.  However; if it works, then it is well worth the full price. 🙂

I waited anxiously for the box.  When it arrived, we started with the first section which is + 9s and then moved to + 8s.  The first week went very well and the girls were learning their facts quickly. Starting the second week, I am reviewing the 9 and 8s.  I was not happy.  The girls were not learning their facts.  Frustrated, I put the box away and we go back to flashcards.

I brought the box back  out and have been using it with the girls all week.  I now remember why I was frustrated with this program the first time.  The girls are not learning their math facts quickly.  They have to think every time I ask them an equation. Want to know what the problem is?

Above is the page for the + 9s, only six cards.  Now look at that order. See the second digit is in numerical order.  Yep, that is how my girls have learned to play this game.  Forget the answer, just place the cards in numerical order and we’re good to go!

I started taking away the board and having them call out the answer after showing the cards.   I already have flashcards, really nice flashcards.  I don’t need more flashcards.

I don’t need this expensive game that just doesn’t work for our family.  Therefore; it will be in the mail, Monday, to my friend Kristy.  It might be just the right thing for her son.

If you’re thinking this is just a fluky thing, just remember it is math and math is a pattern.  Here is the board with the doubles on it.  See the pattern?

This goes to show that as homeschoolers, we do not have to use what everyone else is using.  We have the privileged of saying no to one program and using another that suites our family.  For us, we will be doing daily timed sheets with Hershey Kisses as a reward.  Math + Chocolate = Smart kids + Happy momma.   I hope.  😀

6 responses to “Math Facts, oh how I hate them.

  1. Bummer for you. YAY for me! I will give it a shot with the Zack man and see if he learns the patterns without learning the facts. Maybe your kids are just ingenious that way. Maybe it will be just the miracle that I have been looking for. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!!!

  2. That’s right!! As homeschoolers, we are FREE!!! =)

  3. Math FActs – I hate them, too.

    I can’t use Hershey Kisses for rewards. Given the fact that we’ve been doing math facts for yeeeears, my boys would be bigger than their homeschool desks.

  4. I enjoyed teaching and drilling Math facts?

  5. FREEDOM! (she screeched in her best Braveheart yell)

    Sorry it didn’t work out. 😦 Funnily enough, I think being able to see the pattern in living color is what did the trick for my kids (or maybe it was my charming “you will learn this and you will learn it now or else” attitude? 😉 ) but hey! We homeschoolers gotta do what we gotta do.

    Good luck with it, Kristy!

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