Mud – it’s a dirty job

but someone has to play with it.

When I was growing up with my two sisters, Leasa and Dava, we lived on a farm.  There are several things on the farm we had plenty of, space and mud.  We played all over our land and all over the neighbors’ lands, we didn’t care.   We also played with the mud.

Out back we had an old meat house that was no longer in use and we used it as our bakery.  The three of us were chefs and made enormous mud cakes.  Several layers!  Mine were always the best, of course.   We would raise them up  high so all could admire them.  So many ooos and awwwws.  😀  Once I lifted my seven layer beauty up to be admired and when I brought it back down, the top layer was gone!   It stuck to the ceiling.   lol  We pried it off and put it back in its place of glory.

Want to know what made our mud cakes so admired by all (all were just the three of us)?  It was the real chicken eggs we used to make our mix.  That’s right, a good baker knows to use fresh ingredients in their cakes.  We stopped using real chicken eggs, when we cracked open a rotten one.  A good baker also knows when to stop using real eggs. 😉

Yes, we love mud.

Fast forward many few years, to when I had a 20 month  old #1 Pea.  She was outside playing, in the mud of course.  I had to bring her in to change her diaper.  She was angry.  She wiggled and squirmed and finally said, “I UNT DIRT!”.

Fast forward many a few more years to when #1 Pea is ten.  TEN!  She still loves her dirt.

She makes things with it. Like mud huts.

Mud eggs, but I’m sure she would use real eggs if we had the chickens.

She even has her sister involved.  This is a mud cake and cookies.

Not only did #1 Pea get her sister in on this dirty job, she also has the neighborhood friends involved. I know the mom just loves me.

Since we no longer live on a farm, where is all this mud coming from?  From our front yard, of course!

This is all my sisters’ fault!

8 responses to “Mud – it’s a dirty job

  1. I’d rather play inside with my CDs…thankyouverymuch. And it sounds like you need a landscaper. Aren’t you supposed to have grass in your front yard, not mud?

  2. Nice post. What I really want to know is who owns that sweet little car parked in the driveway behind the little friend? I thought you had a big ole van to haul kids around in? That sweet ride is only big enough for 2!!!

    Great post about mud. I do think though that you should have grass in the front yard now mud. Sheeeeesh, even us Alaskans know that!

    😆 😉

  3. I like the tunnel she made and put her arm through. That is always a “must do” item on the list when visiting FL. =)

    Rotten eggs stink a LOT! I can understand why you and your sisters did not want to use them in your baked goods.

  4. That’s a nice looking car! =) I’d like to have a two-seater.

  5. O’ the Good Old days. I remember the mud cakes and the ceiling incident. We used the old ice box thing as our oven LOL.

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