Apologia Biology – Module 11

This is an exciting module in this science book, because  we start dissecting.  WooHoo!

The first half of this module is all about invertebrates.  Spineless creatures.  🙂

First up were sponges.  Very interesting.  I had a hard time finding a handout with the sponge anatomy.  I wished the book had a diagram of the sponge anatomy, I think it would have been helpful.   I ended up handing out this ,  just for the students information.  The only thing they really needed to know was:

  • Epidermis
  • Collar Cell (choanocytes)
  • amoebocytes
  • spicules

The prepared slide we had a look at was colorful.  We were able to see the spicules very clearly.  The students were to look for and identify the spicules shaped like needles,  jack (multipronged), and barbed.  We had a difficult time finding a barbed one.

Our favorite thing to talk about was the planaria.   The students were really surprised this flatworm was able to regenerate any part and that they reproduced by simply tearing themselves in half.  If I had planned carefully, I would have ordered live planaria to experiment with.  Next year, I hope to be better prepared, because there is nothing like seeing these flatworms grown another head.

Since I didn’t have a live specimen, I found this wonderful video of a decapitated flatworm.  It shows over several days what it looks like as it regenerates its head.  Amazing.  It makes you sit back and be in awe of God’s creation.

Next Tuesday we will be dissecting  the worm.  I am so looking forward to it.  Be prepared to see gut pictures next week!

Want to see what else we have done in this class?  Go to the Apologia Biology tab at the top of this page or click here.

8 responses to “Apologia Biology – Module 11

  1. How could you be excited about dissecting. That’s not right. Cool header, by the way!

  2. I think I just learned more in your post than I did in school. (I suppose to be fair it was a long time ago, but I know we didn’t get to dissect worms!). I can’t remember if I’ve ever commented here before? I know I “know” you from Tressa’s 🙂 And thank you for having the Backyard Bird Count button up here, I would’ve completely forgotten about it!

  3. Ooooh, worm guts. Can’t wait! I didn’t even think to order live flatworms. Be sure to let us know where you get yours next year, because I’ll have to go through this dissection thing again year after next, I think.

    We’re almost done with the pig dissection. It’s been the easiest one because everything is so much bigger. I don’t think we’ll be able to get to the sheep brain (and the sharks! I forgot we even had sharks!). Do you want them? I could send them to you and your girls could use them to decorate their mudpies. 😀

  4. So glad you posted about being able to order live planaria — I have just enough time to order & get it before next week’s class!! Woo hoo!

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