What do you think I should do?

Voting is now over.  I will be keeping this one blog.  🙂


6 responses to “What do you think I should do?

  1. No…I like having all of your posts together. Homeschooling is a part of your everyday life, even the yukky dissecting posts. I say keep them together.

    • Thanks Elaine and Kristy. I am thinking I’ll be sticking with just one blog. It would be easier on me and Kristy is right, homeschooling is my everyday life. Besides where would I post a dissected frog? With homeschooling or every day life? lol

  2. Not voting.
    I would want you to do what you think is best. I’ll be reading either way.

  3. I voted no. =)
    Do you really want to do 2 blogs? If you really do, then you could narrow the topic so much that it would be easy for you to say — this topic goes here and that goes in the other blog. Like for instance a blog with only kitchen work {cooking, baking, drying}

  4. Darn, I was busy with Valentine’s flowers (work) and missed voting. But if I had voted, it would have been……..hmmmm………let’s see…………………ONE blog.

    YEA I voted right.

    ps. I like see what the peas are doing and DD#1

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