Making Valentines

Last week one of The Peas needed to make several Valentines for her class at church.

Her favorite thing to do, is make a Valentine and attach a piece of candy.  The first thing we did, was get the bags of candy.  She picked Smarties.  Next thing to do was for me to find something to make for those Smarties.

I found these printable butterflies at Skip to my Lou.  You are supposed to print these on colored cardstock, but I wanted The Pea to be creative with her own Valentines.  To make that happen, we decided to paint them.  Our plan was to use the salt technique to give the butterflies a different look.  This technique is from the book The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas, page 228.

I printed the butterflies on white cardstock.  The Pea then painted over each one with watercolor paints and added drops of undiluted watercolor.

Next she sprinkled salt all over the wet butterflies.

Here is one of the butterflies covered in salt.

Our butterflies did not turn out as expected.  I think we messed up with “drop blobs of water on the undiluted dabs of color”.   That and the fact we didn’t use watercolor paper.  Who knows…

The instructions for the butterfly valentines said to cut two slices in the center and insert a lollipop.  We didn’t have lollipops, so The Pea taped the Smarties to the center.  They came out rather cute, I think.

After she handed out her cards to her friends, she told me they all enjoyed getting them.

This is one of my favorite sweeties. 🙂


7 responses to “Making Valentines

  1. That basket full of painted butterflies is adorable. And so is your pea. Very cute idea. They still look great. You did much more than I did. I didn’t make a single Valentine. Not even for my sweetie.

  2. Those are adorable! I may use that next year.

  3. Very creative! Your Pea did a wonderful job and I’m glad that her friends enjoyed them.

    I received a valentine box of chocolates from one of my SS boys, but you’ll never find them 😀

    I did buy a special pair of V-Day sleep pants for my sweetie though he won’t know about them until tomorrow night! No cards or anything else were purchased – not even for my kids!

  4. Aww, cute as a little bug, they are!

    A mondo bag of Lindt chocolate balls was the extent of our Valentine celebration.

  5. Happy belated Birthday!! hope it was a blast. p.s. I found it at the bottom of your page and I must have just subscribed a second time.. 🙂

  6. What a cute idea! Happy Birthday Dear Applie!!!

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