While I was making cookies for Valentine’s Day,

I caught Sir Husband doing this.

But then he gave me these.

So he is forgiven.


8 responses to “Cookies

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sweet friend.

  2. What?! It’s your birthday? How come you don’t have this posted on FB?? You need to alert the world of your special day. Happy Birthday. I hope your day is blessed beyond measure. Lovely cookies, hubby and flowers, by the way.

  3. Sir Husband certainly did deserve forgiveness for licking the whisks w/o permission by handing you such a lovely bouquet! Now, did he give you any chocolate to go with the flowers? That would have been even better!!

    Oh, and happy birthday to a great OLDER friend!!

    • Thanks Elaine. lol

      No chocolate for me. I don’t like to buy Valentine candy until the day after Valentine’s Day. lol I bought a bag of Hershey Kisses for half price and only had one. The rest is going to the family.

  4. Is there a problem with eating the frosting? Technically the frosting became public domain when the whisk was placed in the sink. There is more than reasonable doubt that the husband is guilty of an infraction, and therefore he must be exhonerated.

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