A visit to Blue Springs

Monday, Sir Husband, had the day off from work, so he gets the idea that we should all go down to Blue Springs and see the Manatees.

We hop in the car and get going, but after many stops because of (insert whatever reason here ), we got a late start and didn’t arrive at the springs until noon or there about.  This is what we saw when we arrived.

The cars were moving at a slow speed into the park, so we stayed in line.   We get to the check-in and this is what we saw.

After two hours of driving, we just turn around and go back home.   And this is what we saw in the backseat when we had to turn around.

One very sad Pea.  Yes, that thing she is hugging is a manatee.  She has loved it so much, it is now flat.

We plan on going back bright and early next Saturday.  Hopefully, I’ll be putting up a lot of manatee pictures then. 🙂


17 responses to “A visit to Blue Springs

  1. How funny – we went there Sunday while at my Dad’s and arrived about 1230p with a bit of a line which was much worse when we left around 3p. It is a very nice park and the springs were so pretty and all teh manatees (and pups too) were awesome! Be sure and attend the Ranger’s program if you have a chance – very informative.

  2. Oh my gosh…my husband would be livid and somehow it would be all my fault for not planning better. I hope your Pea gets to see some manatees next week. I look forward to seeing some photos.

  3. Well, ya think they could put the overcrowded sign a little further down the road. Argh!

    Hope the Pea gets to see herself some manatees, soon!

    • We said the same thing, about the sign, on the way out. Yes, The Pea must see her manatees soon. A couple of years ago, in church, someone was preaching and said “They ate Manna…” . The Pea turned around and gave her father the meanest look. ROTFL He had to explain what “Manna” was.

  4. You might try Homossassa Springs if you haven’t been there. It’s just as pretty, just watch out for Lou’s flinging poo. 🙂 http://hswsp.com/main.html It’s not as cheap as a regular state park, but it really is worth it, especially the underwater viewing spot-the fish bowl.

  5. Awww. What a pitiful little Pea. 😦

  6. I thought the Pea was sleeping.
    Sorry that you were behind so many others who had the same great idea Sir Husband had. Hopefully everyone will be ready to go bright and early Saturday morning so that you can get in.

    I’m in total agreement about that sign, it really should have been posted farther away so people could have turned around.

  7. That is just heartbreaking. I’m sorry! I hope you get to see some manatees very soon.

  8. What a bummer =( I still haven’t been to Blue Springs and I really want to go. It sure had been cold enough to see a lot of manatees lately. Maybe we could meet up for a field trip?

  9. That’s disappointing that it was closed!

  10. It’s a lot closer for me and I’d love to meet you but dd has a show this weekend 😦

  11. my inlaws live in Homosassa Springs. Is that near you? The manatees are fun to watch, we’ve seen them a few times.

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