When a friend gives you lemons…

you give your friend a big Thank You and take home the treasure.

First wash and dry them well. The lemons on the left are unwashed.

The first thing the girls requested was pink lemonade. It isn’t hard to make. Just follow this recipe and add pink food coloring. I used a neon pink color, because that is all I had. Just one drop. Don’t let your daughter’s talk you into making more lemonade, so they can dye it blue. It really doesn’t look appetising.

With my batch of yellow goodness, I juiced some using my juicer attachment on my DLX mixer, and froze the lemon juice in ice cube trays. This is just the right size for recipes. Once they are frozen, I pop them out and place in a freezer bag.

I also zest the peel. Some I put in the freezer and some I dehydrated.

The rest of the lemons I dried in the dehydrator. I used a mandolin to slice each lemon thinly, placed in the dehydrator and dried over night at 118 degrees. The lower temps. keep the lemons from browning.

I then packed them in mason jars and sealed tight. This jar went to the friend as a thank you. 🙂

What to do with all these dried lemons?

  • Grind the peels to add to teas and other desserts.
  • Add to a pitcher of water and sugar to make lemonade.
  • Make this salmon dish.

9 responses to “When a friend gives you lemons…

  1. What fun! Everything that you did with the lemons looks delicious! I’m going to pour a glass of lemonade right now. Okay, not really lemonade. Crystal Light. But I am counting calories, you know.

  2. Oh! I had a lemonade today and it was so yummy, I had to stop myself after the 2nd glass.

    I think the dried lemons in a jar are beautiful and make a lovely kitchen decoration. I have a basket of lemons on my breakfast room table right now…they are perfectly….plastic.

  3. beautiful lemons! I would love some fresh lemons right off of a tree. I think that your dried lemons look very pretty in the jar.

  4. The lemons look delicious!

  5. I am so glad they were put to good use! Thank you for my dried lemons!

  6. Lemons are $.69 apiece at the grocery store near where I live. boohoo

  7. We rarely, and I mean rarely, get great deals on fruits and vegetables. One day I would like to try homemade lemonade, I ❤ lemonade!

  8. oooh, I never thought to put citrus in my dehydrator. I wonder if you could still make lemonade out of them?

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