Views from Blue Springs

Looking down the spring.

Blue Springs

Manatee mother and pup.

Manatee and pup

Another mother and pup.

Manatee and pup

A big one resting at the bottom of the spring.  They can rest up t0 20 minutes under water.

A big one.

A whole family resting at the bottom. We saw four of these groups during our visit.

Group resting

The dark line going across the bottom of the springs is a cave. It is the source of the spring water.

Blue Springs

More photos coming up.

10 responses to “Views from Blue Springs

  1. Those are neat photos. Looks like your pea got to see her share of manatees! Good job.

  2. So beautiful. I have got to get over there while it is still cold. You got some great shots! Glad you got in this time =)

  3. I’m in complete agreement w/the other ladies!
    Now when will we see photos of you and the family??

  4. That’s so pretty and the water looks inviting, like sitting on the edge with your feet in (unless it is too cold). The cave is neat. =)

  5. The water looks like green koolaid.

  6. Hello Michelle! I have missed seeing your blog. Back when I was doing the blog thing, yours was my favorite blog. :mrgreen: So, I had to see if you still had your blog and come say hello. 🙂 Beautiful pictures and your wonderful sense of humor!

    I guess I will read around and see how you have been. Hugs, Robin

  7. You should tell me the next time you guys come down to Blue Spring. We are not too far from there and usually go at least once each winter to see the manatees. We love it there!

    Jen (hookerjen) 🙂

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