A Crochet Group

Some of you have heard that I have been looking, a while now, for a group to crochet with.   Some of you also know what happened at the last knitting  crochet group I went to.  Let’s just say I won’t be going back there.

A week ago, a friend I met at my BFF Yarn Shop, emailed me to say she and some other ladies were going to get together and wanted to know if I’d like to go.    You bet!

I arrived at the front door and realized I didn’t know who I was meeting.  The friend I mentioned above was going to be a little late.  eekk….    Before the door closed behind me, a woman calls out to me and then introduces herself and the woman with her.  What a huge difference between this group and that other one.  Wow, someone said hi to me and introduced themselves!  What a concept!  I’m still geeking about it.

Here are the ladies.  There was at least 11, including me.  I was too busy talking to count.

The highlight of the night was to model some finished projects.  Here is Diane modeling her Sea Shell Shawl.  She made it for her mother.  Isn’t is exquisite?   This is making me want to knit.  =O  Shocking.

Made with Wagtail Yarns, 2 ply Kid Lace (2 strands were run together throughout).   Here is the back side.

Just beautiful.

Janet, the friend who invited me, took the same Tunisian Class I did.  So we had someone model our finished shawls.  They are so different.

Here is Janet’s.  She made hers with Pagewood Farms Denali.  I think I have that right.  I could be wrong.  Janet used a smaller size hook than I did.  She was smart.  I was an idiot and wanted something more airy.   Isn’t this pretty.  I love the colors.

Here is mine being modeled by one of the other ladies.   You can read all about it here.

One pattern, two very different shawls.

I was told over the week, that Janet has gone to the dark side and is now knitting.  I thought it was time to join her, so I have signed up for my BFF LYS knitting sock class.  Lord have mercy!

10 responses to “A Crochet Group

  1. Oh no…are you saying that I’m going to have to start crocheting or knitting since I want to do everything that you do?? Now how much is this going to cost me??

  2. I love to see people showing off their beautiful hand-mades!

    It was a VERY enjoyable meetup and am looking forward to the next one.

  3. A Knitting Club. How fun. My grandmother, great aunt and mother-in-law and my MIL BFF, were all in the same club. (way before DH and I were married, actually before I was born!)

    Glad you found a good group.

  4. That is exciting, Michelle! What fun to be around friendly, yarnie, women.

  5. Well, I’m glad SOMEONE was finally able to make you want to knit! I’m glad you had a good time – I’d love to go to a knitting group, but I can never find one that meets a good time for me. (I blame The Goobs.)

  6. I’m glad that you found a group of welcoming ladies who share your joy of crafting. I know that I love my guild meetings and feel somewhat bereft when I have to miss.

  7. Oh, I gave this post a 5 star rating because the subject matter made you so happy!!

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