Imagination of The Peas

Cooking fish over an open fire.

Cooking chicken on an open fire.

Underground storage area for all their wildlife needs.

7 responses to “Imagination of The Peas

  1. I wanna be outside with short sleeves and the sun shining down on me! (without freezing, that is)

    And is that your yard again with all the lovely mud holes? Looks good.

    Love your new header photo too…how cute!

    • That was day one of the two day warm weather streak we had. Yes, that is my muddy, holey yard. I have already started weaning the girls from playing with so much dirt. When spring break gets here, we will be doing some yard work. 🙂 Do they look like they would be helpful on your camping trip? They would do a bang up job with cooking outdoors.

  2. SO fun! I remember playing in the woods across the street from my house and we used to do things like that ALL the time! It was the best playground my sister and I ever had growing up.

  3. Your peas always make me smile. 🙂

  4. They are so cute! =)

  5. Oh the imagination of kids-it always amazes me!

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