Results from the survey.

Remember the little survey I had put up?  Now is the time for me to go over the answers.  First thing I want to mention is there was a whopping 28 people who took my survey.  😀

The Age group:

  • Under 24        0%
  • 25-34        21.4%
  • 25-44        39.3%
  • 45-55        39.4%
  • 55 +                  0%

What is the reason you visited my blog today?

  • Most of the answers were, ” to see what you are up to”, or “you told me to”, or “we are fellow homeschoolers.
  • I also got this one, which I thought was nice. ” googled “apologia physical science” and found your blog!”.  It is nice to know that people will actually look at my blog after searching for the science pages. 🙂
  • Then I got a couple of these:  “You told me to get my butt over here and fill out your survey. :)” and “You told me to get over here and used the word “butt.”    Um, yeah.  I know who typed those!

How did you find this blog?

  • Web search  23%   (I was surprised at this one)
  • 53.8%
  • Our Lifestyle of Learning    23.1%
  • The various other answers were mainly because we had already been friend before this blog started. 🙂

Are you a homeschooler?

  • Yes                                 81.5%
  • No                                     3.7%
  • I use to be                    11.1%
  • Thinking about it        3.7%

Years homeschooling.

  • 0-4 years        19%
  • 5-9 years        47.6%
  • 10-12 years    19%
  • 13+                    14.3%

What would you like to see more of?

  • Cooking with recipes                                      13.6%
  • Craft projects                                                    40.9%  (I’ll have to work on this area, because I don’t do a whole lot of crafts.  Does learning to knit socks count?)
  • Science                                                                 36.4%
  • Photos of God’s creatures                               0%  (Now this surprised me.  I thought photos of God’s creatures were one of my best features.  lol)
  • Photos of God’s creation (earth)                  9.1%

Other answers:

  • encouraging ideas on homeschooling
  • pictures and stories about your sister     (guess who wrote this one)
  • Well…most of God’s creatures.                     (I’m assuming no insects)
  • No more spiders                                                  (haha   fat chance)
  • You know I am looking for more on how to homeschool high school. So do that. Pretty please.

I will be working on ideas to encourage homeschoolers and how to homeschool high school.  These things are in the works. 🙂

83.3 of the surveyors found the science pages helpful.  😀  I am so glad to see this number.  Sometimes I just wonder if I am any use to anyone in blog world.

How can I make the science pages better?

Check the links.  Some are broken.    (I’ll get on that very soon!  I didn’t know I had such a problem.  Thanks for letting me know.)

Are you planning to do Chemistry next year as well?  No, I will never  Chemistry.  Chemistry and I do not mix.  lol

frizz your hair and color it blue, would make things more interesting  (now guess who suggested this?)

maybe a brief outline of a lesson plan?

I guess you could include an outline of your lecture or the corresponding lesson plan.    I do not have an outline of my lectures.  I just follow the book and go over what is the most important.    I do have a schedule of the entire book.  You can find the Physical Science at Donna Young’s site.  The Biology schedule is linked in the Apologia Biology page at the top of this blog, but it does not show up well.  If you wish to have this schedule, please contact me and I’ll email it to you.  These schedules are for co-op.  We only meet once a week for 1.5 hours.

Some very nice comments:

  • You are already doing well. I’ve sent people to read them.
  • I think they’re great – I just don’t use Apologia. Maybe I should. You’ve already done all the work for me.
  • I think you are doing a fine job.
  • While I do enjoy reading about the Apologia Biology I’m not actually using what you’ve written about but I am saving it for the future. I can see using your ideas for my own classes at some point.
  • You have it set up wonderfully. I always check your page first when I’m prepping for class. Some of my students visit your page as well.
  • But I LOVE this blog, have bookmarked several pages and made notes, and will be using this blog as examples as we do Physical Science and later, Biology.

I am thrilled to see the comments above.  It is good to know that I am helping someone out there. 😀  Thank you!!

Thank you to all who took the survey.  I really appreciate you taking you time to fill it out.

Please use the comment section if you have any questions you wish to ask me.  I’ll be glad to answer them.


6 responses to “Results from the survey.

  1. =)
    Yes, I kept reading after I found the science!
    Yours is such an interesting blog! Not many are.
    Lol, I wanted to tell you, I do like the pics of the insects! =) My son will, too. I think it’s cool.

    And the broken links, that happens. Sometimes the linked-to website changes something…

  2. Looks like you got some good, encouraging feedback.
    You know that I love you and your blog and enjoy everything that you write. You are a blessing to me.

  3. Well you do know that some of us will read your blog no matter what you post – including insects, spiders, disections, fires and whatever floats your boat on any given day. 😀

  4. I knew you before you got famous!

  5. Why DON’T you frizz your hair and color it blue? I think that’s a fine idea. 😀

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