A Stakeout

Last Sunday we visited  GUANA TOLOMATO MATANZAS NATIONAL ESTUARINE RESEARCH RESERVE or   Guana River State Park for the short version.

I needed to stakeout the place, because my Biology students will be taking a field trip there next month.  The students will have a list of items they need to look for and I want to make sure they won’t come back with “I couldn’t find anything” .   If I can find it and name it, then so can they.   😀

My son and I went last year with his Biology class.  We had a really good time and the weather was just beautiful.   The grass was green, there were flowers, all kinds of insects and other animals.  But when we visited last Sunday, the weather was cold, windy, and the grass was not green.  We didn’t see any birds and very little wildlife. I am hoping by April things will have changed.

First things first, we cover ourselves in bug spray.  Ever since The Violinist got covered in seed ticks,  we make sure we don’t hike without bug spray.  We use an organic kind from the health food store.

We head on down the trail, which is a one mile hike to the river.

I am looking for different foliage and animal life.

Oh look one lonely little flower.  This proves if you just stop and look around you’ll find wonderful things in God’s world.

We make it to the beach and hang out there for a while.  It was so windy, but just beautiful!

It was a lovely day!

The students in my class should have no problem finding what is on their list.  I’ll post about this list later.


7 responses to “A Stakeout

  1. It is really pretty there. =)

  2. Fun! And so pretty.

  3. Oh that is so pretty!

  4. Oh! This makes me what to go to the coast so badly! Just beautiful. The wind and the salty smell are beckoning me.

    Love your blog – the info and the humor.

  5. So pretty! I’m going to have to check the health food store for the bug spray!

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