How To Trap A Man

1940’s Woman

1980’s Woman

5 responses to “How To Trap A Man

  1. LOL! I think I like the 1940’s way…I’m gonna get me some of those.

  2. Over 30 years ago, I had a conversation with a woman who wore a bra like that. I asked her a couple of nosy technical questions about her bra and she actually answered. O_O They were “why …” and “how …” questions.

    Both pictures are very funny. I don’t know why the fake hiney surprises me.

  3. I was going to ask where you found that 40’s gem, lol! Just when you think times have changed, Victoria’s secret seems to have much the same philosophy (well, maybe minus the hiney part).

  4. I noticed that on The Today Show last week Hoda & Kathie Lee had something about a “bra for your booty” which looked a bit similar to that one up there (I didn’t watch the show just saw it on their FB page).

    I think that I like the 1980’s approach, more honest. =]

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