A Field Trip to the Vatican

Not really.

The Violinist and her classmates are studying the Middle Ages and the Catholic faith .  Their facilitator thought it would be much cheaper to visit Buca di Beppo restaurant instead of paying airfare to the Vatican.   The moms agreed.

We arrived a little early and just waited out in the parking lot.  There were statues around the building and each one was wrapped in large Christmas lights.  While waiting, I was able to take a photo of  The Violinist without her going into a royal fit.

The facilitator requested The Pope’s Room.  This little room sits twelve.  Perfect for us.  The round wooden thing in the middle that is holding a bust of  the Pope, is a large Lazy Susan.    Notice the walls.

I really liked the menu and thought it was funny enough to take a photo.  That should be me on the front cover.  lol

I wanted to take a picture of how they served the pizza.  They placed the long pizza stones on top of tall tomato cans.  I thought that was clever.  After taking the picture, I noticed it looks like they are serving the Pope’s head on a tray.  Poor guy.

One of the doorways going through the restaurant is painted like Italy’s flag.  You can see the map on the left.  Notice the walls.

The Ladies Powder Room.  Notice the walls.   One of these young girls said, “Look! While you’re going to the bathroom, you get to look at someone’s naked butt!”    I decided that wasn’t a restaurant I was going to bring my youngest daughters to, just yet.

Remember all the walls?  There is not one free space on any walls or ceiling in that restaurant.   We spent 20 minutes after the meal, just looking around.  Thankfully, The Violinist wasn’t too interested in looking carefully.

The class was given chef hats.

Afterwards, they got goofy.

It was a really fun day and the pizza was wonderful!

5 responses to “A Field Trip to the Vatican

  1. Looks like fun! We go to this restaurant a lot for our anniversary. It reminds me of Lady and the Tramp for some reason. Especially if you order spaghetti and meatballs 🙂
    The pope’s head table always freaks me out a little. I knew right away you were there when I saw the “Trap a man” post. LOL

  2. Fun! We have a Buca near our house but it’s been years since we’ve been there. It’s always really crowded when we go so I’ve never really walked around and looked at all the fun decor. I’ll have to go back and see if we have a pope room.

  3. I loved the shot of the Pope’s head on the platter. It’s hilarious. (probably shouldn’t be, but it is! LOL)

  4. That’s a great restaurant and definitely cheaper than going to Italy….though that would be quite the educational experience! Of course you would have to go along, I mean how could you send your young daughter to Italy w/o a proper chaperon? 😉

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