Cleaning the Kitchen

The Christian Homekeeper is having a 5 Weeks To A Clean and Organized Home event.  Yesterday was our first day and our job for that day was to clean out the refrigerator, freezer and oven, (includes the microwave). I hate cleaning, just so you know.

I did not get to the oven part, because I read the post too late in the day to start the oven cleaning.  I would rejoice in that, but another day has come and now I have to clean the oven.  Anyhoo, I did get to the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.

Here is my filthy refrigerator before.  As you can see, I like to just shove things in there and I don’t care where they go.   Yes, it takes me forever to find anything in there, but that is just me.   I can’t help it.  The only thing I had to throw out was some old yogurt.  The other thing I did was rearrange the eggs to throw one carton out and bagged the carrots into a smaller ziplock to get rid of that bag that is hanging down.

All shelves and drawers were taken out and washed.  All parts of the inside walls were washed.  Now here is the after photo.  Since this picture was taken last night, Sir Husband has replaced the small bag of carrots with another huge bag of carrots.  He juices for us each morning, so we need all those carrots.  🙂

Now for the freezer.  Before.  I had a hard time getting a good all over shot, so I just picked the worst place in the freezer.  Our ice maker clogged up and decided to dump all the extra ice into this tray.   I like to just shove things in here too.

Everything was taken out of the freezer.   Walls and shelves were washed clean.  I found several bags of whole wheat flour that I have no idea how old, so out it went.  I also found a bowl of frozen tangerine slices.  I have no idea who put them there or how long they were there.  Out they went.  There were two containers of coffee and since Sir Husband is not drinking coffee for a while, they went to the larger freezer in the laundry room.  There was a handful of pumpkins seeds that needed to go, so I ate them.  That’s about all that was needed to go in the freezer.

Here is an after shot.

Since this picture was taken last night, I have taken all our freezer blocks and put them in a pull out basket.  The Easter Egg had Hershey Kisses in them for Sir Husband.  Since he is not eating them, I did.  The egg is now in the garbage.

I had Sir Husband pull out the Refrigerator/Freezer so I could mop behind it.  That was suppose to be for today, but since I didn’t clean the oven yesterday, I thought I’d better get ahead.

Besides cleaning the inside and under the refrigerator, I also took down everything hanging on the outside.  So now everything is nice and clean.

Today’s job will be to clean under the stove and mop the floors.  I will have Pea #3 wash the baseboards before mopping.  For some reason she thinks that is fun.  I am not going to argue with her.  😀

Cheers for a happy, clean home!

9 responses to “Cleaning the Kitchen

  1. You’ve inspired me!
    I just did my fridge last week, but now I need to do the freezer. =)
    Here’s my clean fridge pic from awhile back:

  2. Oh, my goodness, I am obsessive about my refridge (just like with everything else) and everything must go in it’s proper place. There is a shelf for condiments, a shelf for drinks, a section for bread, etc. etc. I get quite irate if somebody does not put things back in their proper departments. Although it is organized, it probably could use a good cleaning though. Although yesterday I did wipe most of the shelves since I noticed crumbs.

    I am majorly bummed that my self-cleaning oven is not working. The oven works but not the self-cleaning part. It heats up for a half hour and then shuts down. I called but it would be about $300 or more to fix. So I am stuck with a dirty oven. Unless I do it the old-fashioned way. And that’s probably not happening.

    • We try to have areas in the frig. for certain things, but then we always buy something that won’t fit on its shelf. A clean, organized home, is a hopeless cause for me, but I keep trying.

      I have my oven cleaning right now. It is smoking up the house something awful. I have a fan in the window and other windows open. Our display on the oven does not work, so I can’t tell when the oven will be done. I can’t even use the timer on it or tell how hot it is getting. It has been going for over an hour now and I will shut it off in another hour or so. I hope it will be done by then.

    • Kristy, I know! I head to the fridge w/ my hands full: a gallon of tea and a gallon of lemonade.
      Open it up, and there sits the ketchup and mayo right on the top shelf.
      IT GOES IN THE DOOR. grrr. >: (

      But one day… I’ll visit my kids when they are grown. hee hee! =D

      • LOL Marty…my DH and I tell our boys that all the time. We can’t wait until they have homes of their own and we go to visit. We are going to leave our clothes all over the floor, wet towels on the bathroom floor, toothpaste smudges on the sink and we will leave our dirty dishes all over the house. We can’t wait!!

  3. My fridge stayed beautiful for about a month after we moved into this house, but I have started cooking again so it is on its way to looking like your before picture. LOL

    The Man always cleans my oven for me. I love him.

  4. I need to clean the walls and shelves in my fridge. Yours looks good Michelle. =)

  5. You inspired me to clean my fridge yesterday!

  6. I love having a clean fridge. I usually clean it out before I head to the commissary when it is empty. Now my oven is another matter. I do not like cleaning my oven. I should follow your example and clean it. I just pulled the stove out last weekend to clean under it. It was very gross! I was ashamed. 🙂

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