Pieces parts of a flower

Apologia Module 15 – Kingdom Plantae

Experiment 15.1  Flower Anatomy

For this experiment, I went to our local Publix store and bought three batches of flowers.  I do not have a green thumb for flowers or fruit or vegetables or whatever.  I keep trying, but it all dies.  So, store bought it was.  I bought extras so I could give a batch to my marvelous assistance.  🙂

First we have a look-see at the Tiger Lily.  I wish I had gotten two of these, because they are a fine specimen for this project.

Here you can see the stamen, which consists of the anther (brown banana looking things. has pollen grains) and the filament (holding up the Anther).  These are the male parts.  In the center you’ll find the stigma which is the top part of the carpel.  That is the female part of the flower.

In the photo below the student is slicing down the middle of the Carpel.  She’s doing a pretty good job of it, but we didn’t see anything interesting inside.

Now here is the wrong way to dissect anything.  If you are in my class and after the second warning, you do not listen I take a photo and send it to your mother.

Next up was the Carnation.  To see the stamen, we had to dig down deep into the flower.  They are very well hidden.   We also sliced this one open and it was a great success.  We found the ovary with ovules!  How cool is that!

We also sliced a Mum.  The stamen were also buried deep down into the flower.  They are very small and difficult to find.  Because I have determined students, we were able to see several stamens in the mum.

The experiment was completed with no outbreak of allergies.  WooHoo!  Tomorrow I will continue this experiment by showing you photos of pollen.

8 responses to “Pieces parts of a flower

  1. Wonderful post. I’m impressed with the pictures and the labeling.

  2. How do you label the parts of the flower on here?

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi. Your science photos are great. Mine consisted of collecting ladybugs a week or so ago 🙂 Not near the detail. I love the labeling too. I haven’t mastered that yet either.
    I laughed at your comment about a travel mug, because I realized we use those around here too, probably more than real mugs.

  4. Science is my weak area. You wouldn’t consider flying to WV once a week or so and teaching my little crew some really cool science stuff would ya? 🙂

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