Don’t Look If You’re a Wimp – Bawk Bawk Dead Chicken Part 2

This post is all about the killing.  Haley took the pictures of me, because she was just to wimp to kill the chicken.  I, on the other hand,….  well, you’ll see.

First things first, gather a chicken by the legs and pop it into the cone.  Head is down and breast is facing out.

The birds are very calm when they are placed in the cone.  I don’t know if it is cozy for them, they’re scared, or the blood is racing to their heads.

The next part is to humanely end their life.  To do that you insert a double-edged knife into their jugular vein and remove it quickly.   Yes, the picture below is me.  I am getting ready to kill my first chicken.  My hair is everywhere.  I forgot to get a hair-band from home, so all you see is my hair.

I killed two chickens and both were a success.  Afterwards, I yelled, “I DID IT!  That was fun.”  My friend, Haley, said I was sick.  Well, she’s a wimp.   Most of the birds gently fall asleep after the cut.  Just a few started wiggling their heads, but it didn’t last long.  This is a better way, than cutting their heads off and watching them flop around.  Ever heard of, “Running around like a chicken with its head cut off”?   This is what happened on our farm, when I was growing up.

When the birds are dead, they are given a very quick hot bath. This is to loosen up the feathers to be plucked in the Whizbang Plucker.

It does a really good job of this.  If I had a small farm like this, I would not be able to process chickens without a Whizbang Plucker.

After the chickens have been Whizbanged, they go in a cold bath.  Here Tod (a farm employee) cleans the bird, just before we begin to clean it out.  See Part One.

Here is Haley with her bird to clean.  I love this photo.  I think she should have it framed and placed in her kitchen.

When the birds are all cleaned and ready for packaging, they go on ice.

Part 3 is found here.

Thanks to Cognito Farm for a wonderful experience.  🙂

9 responses to “Don’t Look If You’re a Wimp – Bawk Bawk Dead Chicken Part 2

  1. “gently fall asleep”?
    Is that what you call it!

    Most of the time, I can handle your pics… but that one pic today!

    sorry! still friends? 🙂

  2. There is absolutely no way that I could have done that. I remember in college biology when we were supposed to stick a sharp pointed tool into the brain of a live frog so we could dissect it. I could not do it. My lab partner had to. It was right about that point that I decided I could not be a veterinarian (which is what I started college to study). I switched to speech-language pathology. Working with live children that were not bleeding or requiring surgery seemed like a much better option.

  3. Wow! You are awesome, Applie! I am a wimp. I could look at the pictures without wincing, but I couldn’t kill them.

  4. That is quite a set-up they have.

    I didn’t know you were a farm girl ~ that explains a lot, lol.

  5. Oh my! After the blood dripping from the neck pic, sooooo not having chicken for dinner tonight. Yuck!

    I should have headed the warning. LOL

  6. One question …. does the whizz bang thing beat up the chicken and bruise the meat?
    Good job, Michelle!

    • Only if you have too many birds in there. The first time he had four large birds in and one of the legs broke. After that he put in three and it worked great. 🙂

  7. Great job.
    For me it would have been easier to do at someone else’s place where I had no attachment to the animals. I could not have done this with the chickens we used to have.

    I’m very proud of you. 🙂

  8. This is awesome … you pick your food and process it yourself! where can you get healthy food like that! I’m going to try it myself next week!

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