Finishing Our Day With The Chickens

Just before lunch time, all 116 or so birds have been cleaned and packed on ice.  The process began around 8:00 and ended around lunch time.  I had no idea what time it was the entire day.  I don’t even know what time we left. 😀  It was a good hard working day.

Sam prepared a most delicious meal for us.  Lasagna made with their own sausage, plus eggplant.  It was so yummy, I’ll have to try it to make it at home, except I’ll use spicy sausage.   On the side was orange and white carrot salad.  The carrots were grown in their garden.  Fresh strawsberries were also added to the plate.

After a leisurely lunch, we were taken on a tour of the farm.  We got to see just about everything.  So pretty out there.

Cognito Farm

Once the walk was over, which included a look at a container holding Bull Sperm and instructions on how to impregnate a cow without a bull (but that’s not what this post is about),  we headed back to the work station.

Each bird was packaged in a plastic bag, tied, and dipped very quickly in a hot bath to shrink the bag, then tagged for sale.

Here is Haley cutting a vent into the bag, before it was dipped by me, into the hot bath.

Here is the finished project ready to be sold at the next days farmers market.

Each bird weighted anywhere from 3.5 lbs to 5.5 lbs.

I know the last two posts have had some uh… disturbing photos, so I don’t want to disappoint you in this one.  Here is one last parting shot.

These are cooked to make a thick broth.  Nothing has been waisted.  All parts not used for consumption have been recycled in a compost pile.

I can honestly say, this is one experience Haley and I will always remember.  😀

Thanks Haley! ♥



10 responses to “Finishing Our Day With The Chickens

  1. Your best pic today is the one w/ the STRAWBERRIES! 😀

  2. Now that is something that I would like to see….the Bull Sperm and impregnating a cow! The bucket of chicken feet don’t seem to bother me. It makes me think of Sally Fallon and a delicious bone broth soup.

  3. I use the feet from mine to make broth also. It is awesome tasting! Glad you had fun at the farm.

  4. Oddly enough, the bucket ‘o feet doesn’t bother me either. Weird.

  5. This was a fun little trip! thanks 😀

  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series! You rock.

  7. I like her kitchen. Those are really some nice looking chickens! I’m too tired to say anything more creative or appreciative than that. =}

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  9. Hey! I just wanted to leave you a note letting you know that I bought some chicken feet from them about 2 weeks ago and made the broth! It is the richest looking and tasting stuff, ever! Thanks for the photo tour of the chicken prep! I feel like I was there too!

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