Resurrection Sunday

On Resurrection Sunday, we celebrated the risen Lord at our church in the morning.  In the after, we decided to take our doggies on a little trip.

Sir Husband piled them in the back of the big van.  Did they stay in the back?  Nooooo, some how these dogs were able to squeeze themselves under the seats and go where ever they wanted.

Half way through the drive to the park, Popcorn decided to join me up front.  Maple cried, because she  couldn’t get to a window.  She did try to join Popcorn and I, but there just wasn’t enough room.

Not too far from our home, is a public dog park.   I had no idea it was there.  My FIL had to tell me about it.

We were thinking it would be empty since it was a holiday.  Once we got in the fenced area, other doggies came running up to say hello.

It wasn’t long before all the dogs and kids were running together.

The park is really nice.  There is a fenced in area for small dogs and one for big dogs.  Both areas have a picnic area for humans, water for dogs, and lots and lots and lots of tennis balls. LOL

The day was really hot and the dogs were worn out quickly.  We decided to let them take a dip into a near-by pond to cool off before heading home.

It was a fun day. I’m sure we will be taking the dogs again.

5 responses to “Resurrection Sunday

  1. Fun! I have never been to a dog park. Our dog is adorable but he is antisocial. He does not get along well with other dogs. Or humans for that matter. He loves me, likes Carl and tolerates the boys. He hates everybody and everything else.

  2. Those doggies are adorable. I love labs. I have a lab/golden retriever mix and we adore her. Very awesome family dogs.

    I wish we had a dog park. We live in the “boonies” as we call it, so they get to run plenty, just not socialize. Kinda like my kids…LOL

  3. Thats nice to have such a nice area for the dogs to play so close to home!!

    Our dog only gets to visit his very own dog park all summer long-the hay fields in WY!! Come fall with the kids back in school and him back home (in town) in SD he almost becomes depressed. So we let him sit in the back of the pickup to lift his spirits and let him dream about WY often.

    Whenever the pickup leaves and he is not in it he whines. But if it is one of the youngest boys driving it (without him) in it he cries til he cant see it anymore. I am tempted to send the dog to school with them!!!

  4. Tripp would love that!

    Your girls, your human girls that is, are really growing! Look at those long legs…especially the 4th photo.

  5. What a great way to spend Easter afternoon, a family having fun together. I would like to take our dogs out this summer, should be interesting.

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