What is a phone booth?

Pea #1 asks, “Momma, what is a phone booth?”

It takes me a second to realize, she REALLY doesn’t know what a phone booth is.  Why would she?

Me, “It is a silver box, with windows, and a door. You can go in there to use the phone.”

Pea #1 says, “You go in there to use your cell phone?”

I am trying very hard not to laugh.  I simply tell her there is a phone already in there.  It is called a public phone for anyone to use.  They use to be every where, but now with cell phones, phone booths are rare.

14 responses to “What is a phone booth?

  1. ha! I will show this to my kids. I THINK they might know what one is…
    Didn’t Superman used to change in a phonebooth? I don’t think he does on the stuff *I’ve* seen. (not much!)

    I remember when my kids were smaller, Bethany asking what was a record player. I told her records looked like a large CD. 😀

    • We were talking about Superman and that is why she asked the question. LOL When I was working in the children’s Sunday school class, there was a plastic recorder player for kids to use. It came with different colored plastic records that really worked on the player. The kids knew how to use it, but they were calling the records “CD”. LOL Too cute.

  2. If you really want to confuse them, tell them about 8-track tapes. 😀

  3. LOL…that is funny. At least she didn’t ask you if you remember when there didn’t used to be telephones. Or automobiles.

  4. The Generation Gap- we have experienced it here too.

    By the way, when we drove past South Pittsburgh on the way home Saturday, we saw the cornbread festival signs and happened to catch the fireworks that I think was put on by the pan-people, can’t verify, it was very dark outside at the time with the thick dark clouds overhead.

  5. Funny! My cell phone was dead the other day and I had to find a pay phone. Do you know how hard that is? And they wanted 75 cents! I remember my mom telling me to always carry a quarter to make a phone call. Now you have to carry 3. Or your cell phone charger.

  6. Pea #1 says, “You go in there to use your cell phone?”

    😀 LOL!

    I was pointing out the pay phone at one of our local convenience stores to the boys, sometime last week. No booth…just the phone. It is hard to find those, these days.

  7. My kids freaked out when my husband and I told them we only had cartoons on Saturday mornings.

  8. I asked Amelia what the picture was (while covering up the words identifying it). She said, “I think it is called a telephone box.”

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