A Birthday Party

Last weekend the girls were invited to a birthday party.  This was a special one because Annie turned 13!!

Since Annie was turning 13, her mom, Cindy,  had this special party at the M.O.S.H. Museum.  I hadn’t been there in a long time and I really wanted to go, so I proclaimed myself  the photographer and went.

The mom was very smart and had the party after lunch time.  All she had to do was serve some snacks and the cake.

After the cake was gone, the kids got free range of the museum.  Since I was the photographer, I had to explore the museum to and take pictures.  It was loads of fun.  Annie walks in the museum and kept saying “Awesome!”.  She had a great time with all of her buds.

The newest exhibit was the on the body.  You walk through this mouth, this really huge mouth.

There were all kinds of displays about the body.  I wish I could explain more to you about this section, but the kids basically ran in, touched everything, then ran out.  I had to force them to stand still a few times so I can get their photo.  I had to earn my barging in invitation to the party you know.

The machine below is the burp machine.   The flatulent machine was right next to it.  i only had time to take this one photo.  Thank the good Lord the machines only showed you why you burp and uh..pass gas and not the smell.

They also had a maze for Earth Day.  In order to get out of the maze, you had to answer the questions correctly.  I got them all wrong and my daughters had to show me how to get out.  You just climb under the dividing wall.  😀

At the end of the party, we got to see a planetarium show on the stars.

Before we left the building I had to get one more shot.  This is my favorite. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Annie.  I hope you had a great time.  I know the girls and I did.

One response to “A Birthday Party

  1. Happy Birthday Annie!
    Did her mom make her a fondant covered cake (I can’t tell from the photo)?
    Looks like a fun museum. Our science museum has a body exhibit with many of the same gross things.

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