Rebekah’s Party Sugestins.


  • lunch
  • sosig and Hotdogs
  • chips, Ruffels
  • water and chranBery Juice.


  • chranbery popsikels
  • Gumy Bear jelow


  • lemonckae
  • Fuge cup Icecreem
  • Mint choclet Ice creem

Rebekas wish list

  • Polly pocket set
  • play tea set
  • tickets to see how to trane your Dragon.
  • sily string
  • A stuet up hours
  • silly Bands
  • The move Ballay shoos.
  • Gumy Bears


  • playing with silly string.
  • If dad can get one playing in the pool.
  • Take care of your kitty.
  • Kitty cat daycare.
  • Kitty get the Ball.
  • pinyotu.

Theem = kittys

peope I want to invite

  • Amelia and Olivia R.
  • Amelia W.

11 responses to “Rebekah’s Party Sugestins.

  1. I love it. She has thought of every detail. Definitely one to keep for the scrapbooks :o)

  2. Too cute! I hope that you are going to do everything on that list. With something that cute, how can you resist.

    This is the best….”If dad can get one playing in the pool.” If you are going to dream, dream big!

  3. That is so cool that she made a list, and it is so thorough– complete with theme and everything. =)

  4. That’s adorable. 🙂

    I have to ask – what is “A stuet up hours?” It sounds awesome, whatever it is. LOL

  5. Too cute!!!Sounds like a great party!!

  6. So cute!!!! I cannot remember when her birthday is, but you can certainly plan on using my pool that day. Also, she was trying to explain to me what “gummy bear jelow” is yesterday. Apparently this is when gummy bears melt in her pocket and become “jelow”. I think I will pass on that one. LOL

    • LOL Nathan had dinner with us one night and said he really liked melting gummy bears in the microwave. It is sort of like jello. That is where she got it.

  7. It is great!! but what pray tell is sosig? This one would definitely make the scrapbook in my house.

  8. if only spelling were as easy as it sounds!

    great list , fun party

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