Summer Snacks – Smoothies and Cool Cones

Do I have a treat for you!

Two of my three girls would love it if I made fruit smoothies 24/7.  I would say 25% of time I am too lazy to make it for them.  Then there is the 50% of the time I go to the freezer to get the fruit and find the bag of strawberries empty, because someone I won’t name ate all the strawberries and the peaches.  That leaves a whopping 25% of the time they get to have fruit smoothies.

I needed to have something that was easy access and also keep, you know who, out of the frozen fruit.

This is my version. 🙂

  • 4 cups of a variety of frozen (or fresh) fruits*
  • handful of spinach leaves
  • six cubes of frozen yogurt**

Place everything into a freezer zip-lock bag and freeze flat in your freezer.  I made three batches here.

Frozen Yumminess

When you are ready for a smoothie, just take out the bag and  place the frozen goodness in a blender with a 1/2 to  3/4 cups of water and a large squirt of honey.  You’ll need a heavy duty blender for this.  A red one.

The lovely red Vita-mix

Mix it all up real good like.


This size makes enough smoothies for three girls and one big girl (me).  🙂   OR you can do what I did with the first batch of frozen yumminess.  Make Cool Cones!

Just fill the Cool Cones with the smoothie yumminess, place the cap on, and freeze.  The kids, minus two, go nuts for these.

I was able to fill eight Cool Cones and had enough smoothie leftover for me to have as a treat for all my hard work.  I didn’t get to have it though, because you know who ate it.

After all that hard work, you will have ready to make smoothie material and Cool Cones for your hot summer days!

Mm Mm Good!

*The fruits I used are strawberries, blueberries, 2 bananas per bag, and figs.  One of the bags has peaches and another one has pineapple.  You use whatever you like.  You can also throw in flaxseed if you want.

**The yogurt we use is Stoneyfield Farm Organic Yogurt in Low Fat Strawberry or French Vanilla.   To freeze, place a dollop in ice cube trays.  They pop out easily for you to add to the bag.

Frozen Yogurt

This makes me cool all over just thinking about it.  Let me know if you try this. 🙂

Now I just have to keep my Pea#1 away from the frozen yogurt or we won’t have any for smoothies.

10 responses to “Summer Snacks – Smoothies and Cool Cones

  1. thanks for posting this entry! this recipe sounds and probably tastes really cool! it’s really a good thing that it’s simple to make and the ingredients aren’t so hard to find.. it’s hot here in my place! thanks! ❤

  2. Your smoothies sound just like mine….I use almost the same ingredients. I even use the flax seed and spinach leaves.

    I taught my boys how to make their own. Then they don’t have to depend upon me. It helps that we have that handy little personal blender though so they only make enough for one person.

  3. Nice! That’s the kind of idea I can use. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  4. I need to find a GOOD yet inexpensive blender so that I can make smoothies – then we don’t have to buy them at the coffee stands so often 🙄

    That is a good idea, about keeping the one who shall not be named out of the fruit – does it work? I don’t have to worry about that here as my kids don’t get into frozen stuff unless it’s to be heated for a meal or is ice cream.

    • So far it is working, but she is constantly asking for a smoothie or a fruit pop. I am constantly telling her that just because there are fruit pops in there, doesn’t mean she can have them all in one day. 🙂 They can have a fruit pop or a smoothie, but not on the same day and probably not every single day. That gets too expensive.

      The blender we had before the Vita-Mix, was an Oster. It worked great for many year, but I did not blend frozen fruit in it.

  5. Anemone wants to know why she isn’t your daughter. I guess I’ll have to start making smoothies!

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