Thank You Notes

For the faciliators in my children’s homeschool co-op, I had my cyber friend,  Kristy, make special thank you cards.   She has this great stampin’ thing going on. She’s actually OCD about it, but we are still friends.

I gave her a pick of four or five cards to make for me.   I couldn’t decide because she has so many stinking cute ones.  Just take a look for yourself! Since I couldn’t decide, I said…

“Kristy, Just make something from this list.  It can be all the same or different.  I can’t decide; surprise me.”

She replies…

“Ok, I’ll surprise you, but I like the flower pot with the seeds idea the best, so I’ll make ten of those for you.”      lol   There was  no surprise there!

I get them quickly in the mail.  It was so fast, I am sure her rubber stamps were smoking.

Neatly tucked in a padded envelope were ten beautifully made cards.  Each said Thank You.  They came in several different colors.  She even did something very special.  I said I wanted to put flower seeds in the cards, so she made a pocket in the back of the card to hold the flower pack and she sent envelopes that were tall enough to accommodate  the seed pack. So thoughtful!

I handed them out the last day of co-op and I got several “Thank yous” from the facilitators. They seemed to like their little card.  I know I did and would love to get something like that.

Thank you Kristy for making them for me!   They’re lovely.

7 responses to “Thank You Notes

  1. Your cyber friend Kristy sounds like she is awesome! You are so lucky to have her.

    And, you are welcome 🙂

  2. I love this idea! Tell her to start a business selling these.

  3. They are adorable!

  4. I really should have been born a blonde (no offense to the beautiful blonde headed ladies reading this). LOL

  5. Those are very nice! =)

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