Tomorrow is the H.E.R.I.’s 16th Annual Bookbuster, used book sale.   I have gone for several years now and find some really good prices there.   Except last year, I only needed a few things and found nothing.  NOTHING!  I walked out empty handed.  I confess, I was bummed.

This year I have a larger list of items to get.  I hope to find a gold-mine and come out with these beauties at low prices.

The American Republic

Saxon 6/5  Math

God’s Design for the Physical World 3rd Edition

Story of the World Vol 4

And whatever else I think I need.  😀

My job tonight will be to make a spread sheet with the lowest cost of each book, where I can find it, and a copy of the front of the book.

It will keep me on track. ..  I hope.  🙂

5 responses to “Bookbuster

  1. Oh, if you could only wait I year, I will be done with our Saxon 6/5 and SOTW 4. But alas, we need them for the coming school year. Good luck. I hate used curriculum sales. Too many people and too many books. I usually just end up buying new since I can’t stand digging through everything.

  2. I also hate used books sales. lol They have the books well organized in a large area. The only problem with this sale, is the amount of crazy homescool women. ROTFL

  3. What crazy women? I won’t be there so there will be one less nutball. The used book tables always was my favorite tables at book fairs. I miss going to those things. =p

    Oh and I hope you find the books that you need.

  4. I went to a local used book sale yesterday. Whew that is still too much for me. I can’t get pushed out of the way as unaffected as I used too :p
    I found a few good unrelated book but nothing on my list. I hope you get everything on your list today!

  5. I have never been able to make it to our used sale in the area. I always have something else that day. Have fun then! You are right about the crazy homeschool ladies. 🙂

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