Used Books

Saturday morning I picked up my P31 friend, bright and early, to go to our local used book sale.    We were early enough to make a stop at Starbucks for some yummy coffee.  I can drink coffee if there is chocolate and sugar in it.

On the way out of Starbucks my friend stuffed a large straw down the tiny drinking hole of her coffee lid.  I thought she was just weird about touching the lid, but it turns out she didn’t want the coffee to spill on her shirt.  She didn’t tell me the cups leaked until a large amount of coffee landed on my shirt, then slowly dripped down to my belly.  Yeah, I looked lovely after that.

The second thing that went wrong that day; I forgot my camera!  Unbelievable!

There seemed to have been more space to move around in this year.  Last  year, I found nothing.  This year I did very well…or so I thought.

I found everything I needed.  Ok, the dominoes are not what I needed, but it’s a game.  Games are good.

  • Four Dominoes Tins  $4.00
  • Two Test & Worksheet, Saxon 6/5   $10.00.  One book is complete, the other is missing just a few.
  • One Saxon 6/5 Textbook   $15.00
  • Wordly Wise 7 and answer key (unused)  $2.00

The following I thought I got a great deal on.  Later I found out why they were a great deal.  These were the wrong edition.  I needed the new edition for both.  That means I spent $35.00 on books I can’t use.   I’ll keep them or donate them or sell for cheap.

  • The American Republic textbook and all the other stuff that goes with it.
  • Abeka, Of Places, textbook and all the other stuff that goes with it.

I’m still kicking myself for buying those.

Total savings (ignoring the wasted $35.00)   $59.48.  😀

All in all, it was a great day.  I got some good deals on books and got to spend time with my P31 friend.  🙂

7 responses to “Used Books

  1. You are lucky to find the Apologia book – those are hard to find!
    Too bad about the wrong editions – I learned to be very careful about that with BJU.

  2. What is a P31 friend??
    Yay for Dominoes! It’s our new favorite game.
    That is a bummer about buying the wrong editions. I just hate that. Another reason why I hate used book sales. Hopefully you can recoup some of your money.

  3. Bummer about the wrong editions. I did that one year with Saxon Algebra I spent extra money trying to find the wrong tests and test key to go with it and priced the set at 1/3 of what I paid and could never get rid of it. I finally gave it away.

    You did get on the rest of the stuff though!
    Good coffee with a friend and a day of book sniffing can’t be all bad =)

  4. Shocked am I that you forgot your camera!! I don’t know what to think about the rest — coffee stains, wrong editions, and who know what else. I hope you didn’t cause a ruckus.

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