Remember two years ago I posted that the violinist likes to read?    My Daughter Likes to Read

She’s still reading.    What a bookworm!

She’s waiting on the laundry to get done, so she can fold and put away.    This makes her Mama proud.  😀

4 responses to “Bookworm

  1. LOL…love it (and the photos from the old post also). I wish I had children that liked to read. I have to force my boys to sit with a book.

  2. I can relate! I remember my Mom telling me to do a chore, and i would walk slowly to do my chore w/ book in hand…
    She’d have to make me put it away or I’d never get my work done!

    I love your pic! That’s awesome.

  3. That is wonderful!

  4. I’m a bookworm myself and have to make my reading time a reward or I’d spend ALL of my time reading and nothing else would get done!

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