All in a Name

Yesterday for our little art class, we decided to make Father’s Day cards.    Not just any card will do, no.  We wanted alien type Father’s Day cards.  I am part alien, you know.

The instructions were simple.  Just trace the lines in black marker and then color in the spaces with crayons.  This is what my daughters came up with.

Does it look a little strange?  Here, maybe this will help.  Just fold the paper in half and you get…

Pretty cool, don’t you think?  I found this idea at Art Projects For Kids.  Here is our neighbor’s Father’s Day card.  She added eyelashes and eyebrows.  lol

The girls also did their own name.  I think they did a fabulous job.

The names are now on our refrigerator.  It was a lot of fun to do this simple art project.  Perfect for hot summer day fun.

7 responses to “All in a Name

  1. Taylor and I think this is a cool project. Hope you all had a good time with it. (You do look a bit like an alien)

  2. Where is my clothes pin bag?

    • Uh…uh…it is sitting on my dining room table, waiting for the last button to go on and then be mailed. I have no excuse for not sending it. You should learn to have some patience!

  3. That is a cute idea. I had no idea that you were part alien. That explains alot.

  4. Cool project! They did a nice job too. =)

  5. Cute as a bug, your little aliens are.

    If I show this to the boys and say, hey guys, wanna make one? You will probably hear the groans in Florida. :/

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