Would you care for a little tea?

My youngest requested a tea set for her birthday.  She wanted to have tea parties with her friends.

I found the cutest little set made of ceramic and each piece was a different color.    She loved the colors!  Once she found out “real tea” could be served in it, she was on cloud nine.

The very next morning when The Friend arrived, we set up tea.  The Pea served Black Currant Tea with sugar and cream.

The pot held enough tea to fill about two and half cups.  I really like how the elbow is about to whack The Friend in the face.  So lady like.  lol    The Friend didn’t seem to mind and she really enjoyed Tea-Time.

The Friend

Good friends and good tea.

They were having so much fun, I decided to join them.

Good Times

Moments like this I’ll treasure always.

11 responses to “Would you care for a little tea?

  1. So cute! Love the tea set. It looks like miniature Fiesta Ware.

  2. how fun! Glad the girls had a good time. Love that tea set.

  3. Awww….how sweet! I wish I had a little girlie still at home to have tea parties with.

  4. ok, confess: where did you buy that set? I need one for the Princess.

  5. That’s an adorable tea set! =)

  6. Adorable little tea set! Such a sweet, girlie thing to do.

  7. Very sweet! My girl loves to have tea parties too. I love it.

  8. My little one was never into tea parties and such. :{

  9. tea time….the best. My DD picked making sugar cookies and a tea party every year for her birthday for a long time.

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