This Weeks Dinner Menu


Chickenless Chicken Rice Casserole and tossed salad.


Snack – Frozen Fruit Cups

Tacos, soft torillas, torilla chips, refriend beans, salsa and other toppings.


Roasted Chicken or on the grill if A.C. is not working, rice, steamed broccoli, and whole wheat rolls


Spaghetti, green beans, and whole wheat garlic bread


Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas


Cheese Pizza


I have no idea.

3 responses to “This Weeks Dinner Menu

  1. Saturday night is the cook’s night off around here…don’t you ever go out to eat??

  2. I think that my family and I would have loved to have dined with you and your family last week – I really didn’t do any REAL cooking due to being exhausted from VBS.

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