Frozen Treats

Yesterday I made another batch of the Frozen Fruit Cups.  This time, I used silicone cupcake liners instead of the paper liners.  They worked perfectly!  Not only were they smaller in serving size (just right for kids), the fruit just slid right out of the liners.   No peeling of paper, no sticky paper stuck to plates or fingers, no mess.  I liked the silicone cups so much, I’m not going to give them back to my mother-in-law.  She made the mistake of letting me “borrow” them for a while.  😉  Once they are frozen, you can easily pop them out and place fruit in a freezer container for easy access.

Frozen Treats

See the popsicle molds on the left?  Those are my newest purchase.  They are made by Trovolo and are BPA Free.   I got the rocket shape molds from Amazon and I plan on getting the shooting star and the green groovy molds too.  Can’t have too many popsicle molds.  Not in Florida where the heat index gets up above 102 each day.  😀

My girls favorite popsicles are made from the smoothies we make.  During the hot summer days I don’t mind the kids having two frozen treats, if the treats are made from only fruit.

Orange Dreamsicle

Look how cute this pop is!  Pea #1 kept talking about the shape and all the details she could see.  🙂   Makes a special treat.

Orange Dreamsicle

  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 cup of organic vanilla lowfat yogurt

Mix all together and pour into molds.

I had very little of this recipe leftover, so I spooned it over some of the fruit cups.

5 responses to “Frozen Treats

  1. Fun! I found some cheap and probably unhealthy plastic popsicle molds at Target the other day so I’m going to try some of your recipes. If we like them, I may invest in other molds. I hope my kids enjoy them as much as yours do.

  2. Cute bomb pops! Bear has been asking for popsicles – something I rarely buy, so these might be just what we need.

  3. I would have given you 5 stars but since I couldn’t actually try them to see just how good they are you have to be satisfied with just 4 stars!!

    How do you manage to keep your freezer shelves so empty??

  4. This is as simple as it can get, and so yummy! Thanks so much!

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