Saddle Ridge Ranch – VBS

Christ The Redeemer Church had a record high VBS attendance (200) this year.  It seems every year they have VBS, it is a record high. lol  It just gets better and better.

When arriving at the church we noticed props outside.  Real wagons with real hay.  So, to annoy my cowpokes (kids), I made them pose for pictures. 🙂

First thing the Cowpokes did when they arrive was to sign in.

Once inside there was lots of praising Jesus.

Visit from a cow that left the ranch to become famous.

Visits with Bad Bart who learned he really didn’t want to be bad and accepted Jesus into his heart.

There were games.


And family night.   Snowcones, popcorn, jumpy houses, horse riding, square dancing and rock climbing.  Pea #1 reach the top and rang the bell!

During the week I had between 55 and 59 cowpokes.

There was just two adults and two middle school helpers to corral this group of cowpokes.  No worries.  Sheriff CowPaddy

and her Pardner were on the job.

At the end there was 65 new believer’s and 10 re-commitments and one tired cowpoke.


11 responses to “Saddle Ridge Ranch – VBS

  1. Looks like a fun VBS. I can honestly say that I don’t miss helping with VBS…all those kids, all that noise, all that heat! Glad that you had such a good response though and it was a success!

    • I love all the noise. We use to have the recreation outside and it was soooo hot! Once we got the new building the sports station was moved indoors. This was my fourth year doing the 4/5th grade class and my fifth year doing VBS at this church. I did many years of VBS at another church. I am retiring this year; however, I reserve the right to come out of retirement this time next year. lol

  2. I don’t think u should be able to retire till I do too.
    LOL…. I say I am retiring every year but then get “coraled” back in somehow.

  3. You put an amazing amount of heart and energy into making this such a success! It’s a wonderful ministry. I love the pictures; and your name!

  4. Wonderful Michelle, especially the new believers and recommitments.
    Big thumbs up to Pea #1 for getting to the top of that wall.

  5. Looks like so much fun! Very cute theme. My kids would love it.

  6. We did Group’s High Sea Adventure this past week and it was a great success! I did the Bible Exploration portion and on Thurs it was such an honor to help the kids understand just how awesome a thing that Jesus was WILLING to do for ALL of us! To see the lights come on in some of their eyes – what a blessing.

  7. Phyllis Myhan

    I need any and all decorations for Saddle Ridge Ranch. Our VBS is week after next. Please email me if you are willing to send me your decorations. I will pay the shipping.

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